Who you choose to read your mammogram makes a critical difference in detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages.  Most mammograms are read by general radiologists, reducing the rate of early detection.
At Montclair Breast Center, your advanced technology 3D mammogram is followed by a personal face-to-face review with a Fellowship Trained Breast Radiologist.  There are no delays in receiving your results and any concerns are addressed immediately by our own Breast Surgeons.  Additional procedures are promptly scheduled and performed in the comfort of our calm, relaxing and comprehensive breast center.
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Five Star Care at
Montclair Breast Center
  • "A biopsy is never a pleasant experience but going to Montclair Breast Center made me understand just how important the right radiologist and breast surgeon is in taking the right steps. You want the right doctor to analyze your results. The treatment here is the absolute best, and where you go makes a huge difference in your diagnosis and treatment. Don't even consider going anywhere else."
  • "Everyone was delightful! Everything was done in timely fashion and made me feel comfortable and safe. Everything was explained to me in understandable terminology."
  • "Customer service is at the heart of Montclair Breast Center. Always on time, always accurate and professional, and always focused on quality of care."
  • "The staff in the MRI suite is truly wonderful! They are caring, compassionate and of course, very competent. Coming back each year is like visiting with old friends. They always make me feel at ease. Just one part of this extraordinary place! Thank you!"
  • "As always, everyone from the receptionist to nurse practitioner, mammo technician, radiologist, surgeon, and accounts - was wonderful and caring. The support I've received for many years is what has made (what can be) an anxious experience into a kind of "homecoming." I know I will always be well taken care of."
  • "The staff is excellent and the fees for services are very reasonable."
  • "On time with my appointment, which is refreshing these days. Excellent physicians and remarkable service. I trust them and know I'm in good hands. Lastly, nice people - human, relatable, empathetic to the angst and anxiety of going through even a routine mammography."

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"As a breast surgeon my value isn't determined by how many breast cancers I have treated, it's how many I prevented."
- Dr. Nancy Elliott, Founder and Director of Montclair Breast Center
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